To unify and strengthen the Salvadoran-American business community through the development of effective business strategies that lead to high performing and successful business opportunities through business relationships within the local community.


To emphasize the important contributions that the Salvadoran-American business community provides to the local economies and demonstrate how these efforts influence the overall wealth and economic development in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area.


  • Promote the success of affiliated businesses through the implementation of strategies leading to:
  1. Market growth
  2. Economies of scale
  3. Diversification of market
  • Build strategic initiatives to promote member’s participation in highly competitive markets and encourage companies to unify towards common goals.
  • Develop a Culture of Mutual Support
  1. Launch a campaign within the Salvadoran –American local community to foster mutual support in purchasing products and acquiring professional services from businesses within the community. To achieve this objective, the Chamber of Commerce will facilitate listings to its active members of Salvadoran businesses to foster mentor-protégé relationships.
  • Other Business Initiatives
  1. Develop effective strategies that encourage members to seek out opportunities to do business with the Federal, State and Local Governments, this includes support to Small Business certification with State governments and as an 8(a) Small Business with the Federal government.